You need a solution....

A solution that can keep up with your fast paced, highly demanding, and ever changing market. A system that can provide you with the right tools to operate and manage your business, without interfering with what is most important - the ability to consistently delight your guests, day after day, night after night.

Our systems are engineered to be easy to use, intuitive, and efficient for both your newest hires and your most seasoned veterans, whether you run a full service or counter service restaurant, a bar or nightclub. We constantly evolve our software to offer you cutting edge features when you need them keeping you ahead of the competition. And to ensure nonstop system availability, we engineer reliability into all aspects of our system so you can focus on your operations and not your point-of-sale.

onePOS provides entire turn-key solutions for a variety of restaurants. Leveraging our knowledge of the restaurant industry and our ability to adapt industry standard solutions to it, we are able to develop reliable and open solutions while maintaining an affordable total cost of ownership.

onePOS Core Features Included in Every System

Windows Terminal
iOS Terminal
Mobile Terminals
EMV Ready
EMV Integrated
Kitchen Video
iOS and Android
web based
Auto print and email
Gift Cards
Fully integrated
vi Guest
Integrated Loyalty
House Accounts
Keep control
Online Ordering
Cloud Backup
Multi Unit
Enterpise solution
Mobile Apps
quick access
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onePOS Point of Sale

onePOS is a unique Point of Sale solution with all of the reliability and functionality of a traditional solution with all of the features and benefits of cloud based systems
Casual Dining Point of Sale

New POS Systems

Combining our Hospitality Point-of-Sale Software with Terminals from our Hardware Partners, we offer complete POS packages from 1 to 90 terminals for new locations as diverse as coffee shops, quick service, casual dining, fine dining restaurants, to bars, night clubs, hotels, and major entertainment venues.

Software Retrofits

For most sites already in operation which have standard equipment, we provide a cost-effective migration path to a new and reliable software solution, while maximizing your existing hardware investment. Since our systems are designed to run interchangeably on a variety of hardware and operating systems, most legacy hardware can be used until it physically wears out, allowing you to spread the cost of a new POS system over years.

Access all of your restaurant data on in the cloud. Biderectional syncing keeps it all consistent so you can make changes and updates from wherever you are

All of your reports are live and available via oneMetrix. No more waiting for the store to send you a needed report

The oneSchedule solution provides simple, efficient ways to create, maintain, and distribute your employee schedules. Including oneSchedule phone app for managers and employees.

oneMetrix has an inpressive suite of enterprise features that support multi unit database management, resporting and management

onePOS has apps for both android and iOS. Apps for employees and managers including a mobile dashboard with data from one or all your stores at your fingertips

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