Grow From a Single Store to an Enterprise With One System

oneMetrix is our hybrid cloud solution that provides operators access to their entire systems from anywhere in the world. Data is synced automatically between your stores and the cloud positively impacting performance and reliability. oneMetrix also provides built-in control of your gift cards, house accounts, loyalty, employee scheduling, and online ordering. Grow from a single store to an entire enterprise all using the same POS and the same cloud solution.

oneMetrix Can Do It All!

Reporting, Data Management, Scheduling, and Much More

onePOS provides the oneMetrix cloud as a means to generate various reports available at the POS, as well as other reports for gift cards, house accounts, loyalty, and online ordering. Easy to use, the reporting solution provides filter criteria per report, depending on the report type. With the reporting solution, onePOS is committed to properly packaging data metrics so that the data makes sense for you and your site.
The onePOS data management hybrid cloud solution provides the ability to manage restaurant data both on site using the back office product and off site with the oneMetrix cloud. With secure automatic syncing of data from on-site to the cloud and from the cloud to on-site, onePOS data management provides a consistent, stable and reliable solution to meet your restaurant’s needs.
oneSchedule, employee schedules, oneSchedule app, Scheduling
Providing a simple and efficient way to create, maintain, and distribute your employee schedules. oneSchedule allows for weekly and daily views, which provides a more detailed view of the schedule by day. You can also copy and merge existing schedule records, publish schedules, and automatically notify employees of the final schedule via the oneSchedule app.

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oneMetrix Can Handle Nearly Everything!

onePOS offers an in-house gift card solution that can be easily set up using the oneMetrix cloud and the POS system. All transactions, including balance queries, activating new gift cards, redeeming value, and batching may also be accomplished at both the POS and the cloud along with adding balances to new and existing cards.

onePOS’s house accounts can be easily set up using the oneMetrix cloud and the POS system. House account transactions (balance queries, activating new account, making purchases, and batching) and making payments to new and existing accounts can be accomplished at both the POS and the cloud. The system also allows multiple locations to share house accounts, provide various types of reports and house account types. With account lookup at the POS, this is easily accomplished.

Reward loyal customers based on their behavior. Customize how loyalty points are earned and redeemed. Setup is extremely configurable and supports earning and redeeming unique menu items for setting up a beer or wine club.

onePOS online ordering is offered as an in-house application to process customer orders online. The solution offers a default customizable web page template which provides delivery fee enforcement, kitchen open and close times, and minimum and maximum order amounts.

OnePOS understands how important your information is and that occasional disasters can happen. For this reason, onePOS has built into every system an off-site nightly backup solution that creates a snapshot of your data and sales every day and keeps them safely in the cloud for five years. We have seen every terminal in a restaurant be damaged by lightning but we still could drop in a replacement terminal and load their data as it was the night before – much to the owner’s unexpected delight!

The ability to share access to menu items, dining areas, employee records, and all other elements associated with managing restaurant data is incredibly useful for restaurants that are part of a multi-unit site. The onePOS multi-unit solution is solely performed in the cloud. The most up-to-date data will always be accessible and sync automatically because the edits are made real-time with our hybrid cloud system in place.

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