onePOS Restaurant Solution

onePOS is a truly different Point-Of-Sale system that you will love. It is amazingly easy to use, something you can depend on everyday, and with 15 years of innovation has the features you need.


onePOS® is a complete solution that handles the needs of a wide range of clients, from single  station coffee bars to high-volume chain restaurants. See how onePOS is perfect for you...

onePOS Terminal

The onePOS Terminal software powers your entire front of house operations. Servers love how easy it is to find items and make guest requested modifications. Split checks and partial payment are an absolute breeze. Training takes just a few minutes without hindering the speed for experienced staff. Bartenders love the simplicity of running bar tabs and pre-pay. Liquor specific up charging with automatic and consistent pricing prevent staff confusion and frustration. Guests are delighted with lightning fast payment processing, easy to read receipts (including automatic split checks).

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iOS Terminal

Take all of the power of our standard Windows based Terminal software and run it natively on any iOS device.  While the iOS Terminal is not going to replace all of your POS terminals, it has tremendous value when used line-busting during peak times in counter service or fast causal operations. It also allows cocktail servers to take drink orders directly from waiting customers and have those orders immediately print at the bar - taking 5-10 minutes off turn around time. Large sports bars are similarly enhanced with quicker delivery of both food and beverages. Servers working in outside patio areas with proper WiFi will also discover they can assist more tables and make more tips - without additional payroll

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onePOS is EMV / E2E Ready

The transition to EMV and Encryption is a breeze with onePOS

EMV is a special type of credit card that has a chip in it and provides the POS with a unique encryption every time an approval is done. Not only does this chip make counterfeiting cards virtually impossible, it makes the data used during the authorization worthless for subsequent authorizations.

Because this virtually eliminates fraud from stolen or duplicated cards as well as fraud from corrupted processing systems, the card processing companies now make the merchant liable for any such fraud if the store does not use EMV technology.

onePOS supports a variety of processors and hardware for processing both standard swiped, NFC (ApplePay) and EMV transactions. These new interfaces all support full Tokenization and End to End encryption, removing the majority of risk for data breaches and credit card compromises from your operations.

Unique to our Mercury EMV solution, you can continue to utilize your existing payment hardware and business practices while you transition to EMV on your own timeline.


oneMetrix - The onePOS Hybrid Cloud

Included as a core part of every onePOS system.

The onePOS hybrid cloud combines a proven, stable, feature rich in-store POS system with enterprise ready cloud features expected in modern hospitality solutions.  This gives operators the best of both without any of the slowness or downtime common to most cloud offerings.

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The onePOS solution is engineered for a wide range of hospitality customers, from sidewalk cafes and quick service restaurants to full service and fine dining operators and everything in between.  It can also be configured as an amazing solution for bars and nighclubs, billiards parlors, and gentlemen's clubs.  Our oneMetrix hybrid-cloud provides world wide data access without compromising in store stability and speed.


“onePOS is the only POS provider that builds every aspect of its solution

around you, your employees, and your guests.”

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THE SMALL DETAILS  |  onePOS is based in Orlando, Florida USA and backed by a group of highly experienced industry veterans who understand your needs. We service a wide variety of highly diverse accounts; national and regional chains to independent 5 star restaurants to resorts and water parks to entertainment mega-plexes. We are a customer focused business, ensuring you an outstanding solution that is constantly being enhanced and expanded to meet your ever changing needs.

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