Cross Platform Point of Sale Solution

A Turnkey POS for Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and QSRs.

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A Modern POS for Modern Needs.

onePOS allows you to focus the team to deliver results by providing the right tools to drive efficiency and profitability. Our system is easy to learn, easy to use, and lets you focus on the guest while delivering the best possible experience.

onePOS is a unique hybrid point-of-sale solution with all of the durability, reliability, and functionality of the traditional POS solution you have come to expect with all of the features and benefits of a cloud-based solution.

Full Featured Point of Sale Solution

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Windows POS

Durable windows terminals built for the most demanding installations.

Android/IOS POS

Take your terminal with you. Android and iOS terminals with integrated EMV payment. Perfect for order and payment at the table.


Customer Facing Kiosk at the next level. Secure run over private network or internet. Flexible and moveable.

Integrated EMV Payments

Supports all of the latest payment standards, including EMV, NFC, ApplePay, Google Pay, and long time standards such as magnetic swipe.

Integrated Online Ordering

Process customer orders online with customizable web page templates with delivery fee enforcement, kitchen open and close times, and minimum and maximum order amounts.

oneView Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Enhance order accuracy, reduce food waste, reduce printer costs, and meet operational and productivity goals.

oneMetrix Cloud Management Suite

Provides operators both large and small access to their entire systems from anywhere in the world.

oneConnect Mobile Reporting App

View and track real-time sales data of configured locations from anywhere at any time from the convenience of your mobile device.

oneSchedule Integrated Employee Scheduling

Provides simple, efficient ways to create, maintain, and distribute your employee schedules with timeclock enforcement and shift-swapping via mobile apps.

Markets Served

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Quick Service Restaurant


Fast & Casual Dining


Fine Dining


Bars & Nightclubs


Hotels & Resorts


Enterprise & Multi-Unit


And More...

Interested In Becoming a Limited Reseller?

onePOS has developed a Limited Reseller Program that will drive revenue and expand your porfolio

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Windows POS

The power of onePOS is accessible
at the tip of your finger.

By meticulously engineering every screen for rapid entry with the minimum number of touches; onePOS provides you with the fastest service speed in the industry. Automatic modifier and side selection trains employees on your menu, while making guest-requested modifications a snap, for both new and seasoned staff. This ensures your guests are correctly and consistently charged every time they visit.

Android / iOS POS

The entire onePOS Terminal software has been adapted to run on all recent Apple iPad models, including iPad Minis (technically it runs on iPhones as well, but it is pretty small to use on a routine basis). Various options are available to harden them against drops and spills as well as process payments right from the table side or order queue.
Take all of the power of our standard Windows based Terminal software and run it natively on any iOS device. While the iOS Terminal is not going to replace all of your POS terminals, it has tremendous value when used line-busting during peak times in counter service or fast causal operations. It also allows cocktail servers to take drink orders directly from waiting customers and have those orders immediately print at the bar – taking 5-10 minutes off turn around time. Large sports bars are similarly enhanced with quicker delivery of both food and beverages. Servers working in outside patio areas with proper WiFi will also discover they can assist more tables and make more tips – without additional payroll.


Several options exist to let you affordable take payment at the counter, bar, or table side using wifi payment devices. These processing handhelds allow a server to pull up a Check, select the guests, securely take the payment in front of the guest, and capture their signature without breaking the bank.

Integrated EMV Payments

Stay competitive and maintain simplicity

As the world changes to a cashless society, you need to ensure that your point of sale system can process all forms of electronic payments to stay competitive in the market. Payment Processing is an integral part of the onePOS system and was designed as part of the overall solution. It contains the features you need, both now and in the future, while maintaining the simplicity of operation you expect from onePOS.

Integrated Online Ordering

onePOS Online Ordering is offered as an in-house application to process customer orders online. The solution provides a means to customize the appearance of the web page based on the needs for the location. Each location can be set up to have a different user experience, and onePOS provides a default template from which to start. The template also contains various other properties to be configured for the site, including enforcing a delivery fee, kitchen open and close times, and minimum and maximum order amounts. The template provides a great starting point to begin customizing the web page for all types of restaurants. The onePOS Online Ordering solution provides simple and quick set up, and you can control the user experience to meet what is best for your location.

The onePOS Kitchen Video System meets the needs of any type of restaurant or your unique environment.

The configurable system can enhance order accuracy, reduce food waste, reduce printers costs and fees, and meet operational and productivity goals.

Easy to train

The onePOS KDS solution makes it easy to train kitchen staff on the timing and flow of your menu through the kitchen. Operators can even include detailed build instructions, such as the spec weight of individual pizza toppings based on the size of pizza ordered, on the prep displays.

Manage kitchen operations

Intelligent routing of items to the appropriate prep stations simplifies kitchen management and reduces communications between kitchen staff to keep operations running smoothly. The software coordinates cook times and ensures all items within a single order are completed at the same time.

Fast & accurate to use

Bump pads allow line cooks to quickly ac- knowledge new items that they are cooking and clear completed items. Automatic high- lighting in various colors indicate a change in an items status and flashes when delay thresh- olds are exceeded.

Tool to manage effectively

Reporting is available both in real-time or historical formats. This critical data is an excellent tool for managers, as well as an effective means to measure performance. All actions within the Kitchen Video System are time-stamped and captured, and can be easily extracted in user-defined record formats for use with third-party applications.

oneMetrix Cloud Management Suite

Grow From a Single Store to an Enterprise
With One System

OneMetrix is onePOS’s Hybrid Cloud solution, providing operators both large and small access to their entire systems from anywhere in the world. Data is synced automatically between your stores and the cloud providing everything you expect out of a modern cloud POS system without ever impacting performance or reliability in the store. Securely make changes to your data or run reports from any standard web browser. oneMetrix also provides built in control of your gift cards, house accounts, loyalty, employee scheduling, and online ordering. Grow from a single store to an entire enterprise all using the same POS and the same cloud solution.

oneConnect Mobile Reporting App

oneConnect by onePOS is the updated version of onePOS Mobile Dashboard for iOS devices. Users may view and track real time sales data for a set of configurable locations by selecting different reports available for each location. Data automatically updates in almost real-time and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. The app loads the most recent sales information when a site is selected. However, users may also track historical data by selecting an earlier date to view the sales for that date. Comparing current sales for today to sales on prior days is therefore highly efficient on oneConnect.


Integrated Employee Scheduling

The onePOS Employee Schedule solution provides simple, efficient ways to create, maintain, and distribute your employee schedules. Managers and owners may use this feature by logging in to the oneMetrix cloud system, and selecting the employee schedule. A list of your employees is shown by day of the week when initially loaded. You can use the weekly view to click on an employee and date to add new schedule records. Enter the shift time and save the record when completed. You can also edit existing records and delete records that need to be removed.