The following food and menu trends didn't offset the industry's devastation; it's down nearly $240 billion in sales and nearly 2.5 million employees are still out of work. But they do show restauranteurs' resiliency, innovation and commitment. The following were the top operating means by which restaurants survived 2020, from a survey of 6,000 operators and consumer preferences from a survey of 1,000 adults.

With the uncertainty surrounding the spread of the COVID Delta variant, we’re seeing an increasing number of businesses implement new safety measures to protect their employees and communities.

Tipping, showing appreciation for a service, especially in restaurants. What if the tip, doesn’t always stick? It hasn’t for Jacobs Brewhouse & Grocer owner, Sharon Jacobs, who says, “March, this year, I received my first chargeback.”

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Flexible for Your Location

Mix Full Service, Bar, and Quick Service features together to make solution ideal for your operations.

Features You Need

Auto Combo, Auto Discount by Customer Type, Bar Code Scanners, Scales – with over 15 years of growth onePOS can handle virtually any need.

Cloud Data Management & Reporting

Make changes to your stores data from virtually anywhere in the world and access reports from any web browser.

Multi-Store / Enterprise

Change data for your stores and get consolidated reporting with ease.

Labor Management

Full Time and Attendance features, including overtime and exporting to leading payroll providers.

Real-Time Mobile Alerts and Reporting

Mobile Dashboard and oneConnect apps keep you informed of your real-time operations no matter where you are.

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